Total Body Fitness: Hideshi’s Way

Hideshi's Fitnessgarage Sports Academy offers massage and performance training focusing on full body core strength and fitness for youth and  adults. Our training program emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, strength training, sports conditioning, balance, speed, flexibility, and agility. The program targets specific muscle groups such as inner and outer abdominals, lower and upper back, hamstrings, suite of shoulder muscles, and hip flexors to provide better flexibility, strength and long, lean musculature. Unlike most gyms, we use a variety of specialized exercise equipment to provide effective workouts, which produce better results for our clients. The overall focus of this facility is on fitness training, but most importantly promoting healthy living for all its current and future members. 
What's unique about the Fitnessgarage Sports Academy? No two sessions or classes are alike--ever! We also do not use exercise machines. Much of the exercise equipment has been designed and/or made by Hideshi Okamoto, the owner, a former NCAA track coach, conditioning coach for the Colorado football team, and coach to a number of Olympic level track and marathon athletes.

Upcoming Youth Camps:

Mark your calendars for these youth camps during Spring Break and summer.

More information, including times and prices will follow. For more information, please contact us at

2015 Fitnessgarage Functional Movement Speed and Agility Camps !!! 

  • June 
  • July 
  • August

Sprint Camps will MEET at the Davis High School (DHS) TRACK from 10am-Noon

What to expect at the Fitnessgarage Functional Movement Speed and Agility Camps 

This camp will be beneficial for athletes of all sports. Our main focus will be working on running form by breaking down all the parts of the body involved & learning how they contribute to forward motion, which increases our speed. One way we do this is by teaching the kids to control their center of gravity by pushing their hips forward as they run. We will also focus on body mechanics, which includes the foot & how to strike the ground to propel oneself efficiently. Our drills will vary daily, but the main emphasis will be agile movements while keeping good form.  We highly recommend  signing up early so that we can save you a spot. 

Open to all youth ages 10-17

Speed & Agility NFL Combine training

Hideshi  & Basil offer Speed & Agility NFL Combine training to football players who want to improve their speed. For more information, contact us at

Personal Training

Hideshi and Basil offer sports specific training improving on speed, explosiveness, strength, agility, and other aspects to increase athletic performance. For more information, contact us at

New class!!!! Friday Core & Balance class

What a great way to add to your exercise routine! Fitnessgarage has added a Core & Balance class on Fridays from 8:15 to 9:15 AM.
$10/class, $45 for 5-class punch card or $90 for 10-class punch card.

Fitnessgarage offers these massage sticks at half the price you'd pay retail.

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