Inside peek of Hideshi’s world class runner Mihaela Botezan preparing for today’s big race in Osaka

Posted on 01/27/2013

Hideshi gives us an inside peek of his stay in Osaka, Japan with Mihaela Botezan, as she gets ready to have a good race at the Osaka International Women's Marathon. She is feeling ready to go and is looking forward to having a well executed race.

Want to know Hideshi's analysis and thoughts on the race?

Stay tuned for final results and more.

Romanian Runner Coached by Hideshi is Hoping for a Good Day at Osaka Ladys Marathon Jan 27th

Posted on 01/18/2013

Hideshi's Running Forms class meets regularly on  Saturdays at 8:00 at at Community Park in Davis, but next week  Saturday he'll be out of town. Where? He'll be in Osaka, Japan coaching his Romanian athlete, Mihaela Botezon on as she runs the Osaka International Women's Marathon on January 27th, 2013.

Hideshi coached Mihaela to a PR of 2:25:00 in the London Marathon in 2005 but Miheala has been off for several years after she had a baby in 2008. She returned to competition in 2011 and is looking forward to running a good race; hopefully somewhere under 2:32. The goal by summer is 2:28.
Currently her 3.1 mile training run time is 17:15
Her half marathon pace is 1:12:00.

Will she hit her mark on the 27th?

Stay tuned and see!

A 7-Minute Exercise Routine for You and Your Dog

Posted on 01/16/2013

Did you know that you can use your exercise time to train your dog and that doing so can make exercise fun for both of you? In this video, Hideshi and Dr. Sophia Yin, a vertinarian and applied animal behaviorist, join forces to show you how.

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In this video, Hideshi demonstrates a nice set of exercises you can do while playing fetch with or practicing down-stay with your dog (

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