Stability emphasizing center of gravity and body position

Posted on 03/05/2013

Stability is your ability to resist movement, and one of the best ways to enhance foot stability, is to increase the surface area. The more area of the foot in contact with the ground, the easier it is to move quickly or resist movement. The easiest example is how much more stable you are standing on two feet versus one. At the Fitnessgarage one of our main focus is balance. In order to improve one's balance, you have to put the body in a position where it can adjust, thus allowing our balance to improve. In this video, we see that the exercise where we use the " Surf Boy", some walking sticks, a pair of balance disks, and a small split log, does exactly that. This exercise makes you focus on your center of gravity and body position, which is not only important when it comes to exercising, but is also beneficial to us all in our daily lives.

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