Adult Classes

Almost No Impact

Just as the name states, this exercise class involves little to no impact, which means that all the exercises require simple, basic movements of the body. We welcome anyone into this class including seniors.

M T W 11 AM – Noon $10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Evening Circuit City (Temporarily Suspended)

This evening exercise class is tailored for adults who want to get a good sweat while at the same time doing some challenging and fun exercises. This class is interesting because you never do the same workout. The trainer keeps your muscle groups guessing at all times, and provides a great, aerobic full-body workout. This class consists of an array of circuit training exercises where you move from one station to the next by way of  45 second intervals.

T 10 - 11 AM $10/class or use punch card

M W7 – 8 PMF6 - 7 PM$10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Evening Low Impact Class

This exercise class is identical to the Almost No Impact class, with some more balance work. There are also times when the exercise pace is increased.

M6 - 7 PM$10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Hideshi’s Running Class ( Temporarily suspended)

This class focuses on running form and correct movement to prevent injuries caused by running on a daily basis. It meets weekly at Rainbow City in Community Park.

S8 - 9 AM$10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Low impact Cardio FT ( Functional training)

This class is all about Cardio Functional Training that's low impact and aerobic, suitable for all levels, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 - 9:30am 

M W8:30-9:30 AM$10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Plyometrics Kids Class

This class focuses on improving your ability to jump by using explosive drills and pylometric-related exercises. These exercises condition the muscles to learn and develop specific responses.

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$60 for 4 classses

Stretch and Flex with Kellie

This 30-minute class provides a full body stretch perfect for relieving stress in our muscles. Stretches begin from the neck and ends with the toes and we cover anything in between. See your range of flexibility increase by as much as 6 inches! Every session concludes with foam rolling, which promotes more blood flow in areas that feel tight or that feel sore. Open to teens and adults.

Su9-10:00 AM$10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Youth Classes

Presports Class

Out of school on Wednesday, a short day? Take advantage of this class! This exercise class is designed to burn off extra energy left over from a short day of school. The exercises are aerobic with a big emphasis on staying active and having fun while learning a variety of methods to improve overall fitness. Ages 8 - 12 years

Sports Class

These classes provide conditioning and exercises to prevent injuries for specific sports, such as basketbacll, tennis, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, track & field, volleyball, and water polo among others. These classes are offered seasonally, depending on interest. For more information, please contact Fitnessgarage directly at for privbate training opportunities or inquiries to expand our offerings to suite your schedule.

T Th 5-6:00 PM